Posted on 6th May 2021

Tour With James Treble: The Fairmont 23 – New Modernist Interior Theme

Fairmont 23, Chisholm NSW

Video transcript

Welcome to the Fairmont 23, a brand-new four bedrooms single storey design for Eden Brae Homes. To celebrate this brand-new modern design we wanted to give it a fresh and modern look in all the finishes so join me now as we walk through this home and share with you some of the interior design decisions we made along the way in creating this brand-new display home.

The theme we created for this new home is New Modernist, a play on the modernist movement which is all about clean lines and streamlined finishes, and it starts with this great looking kitchen.

I’ve created a soft natural colour palette with some timber tones to give it a little bit of warmth. The timber tones are found in the cabinetry and it’s got a nice textural finish to touch. The modern clean lines are found with this nice 20mm stone benchtop and the clean lines in the splashback tiles. When it comes to creating the wow factor in your kitchen, sometimes less is actually more. In this kitchen for the splashback I’ve opted for thin linear subway tiles laid in a vertical pattern. The vertical pattern actually adds great texture in a very understated way, and to add a little bling and complement the timber tones I’ve gone for matt gold knobs and handles. They’re actually very simple in design, very elegant, in keeping with our clean streamlined finishes. In this kitchen design I decided to install a white free-standing cooker and a white drop-in sink. Together they work with the white splashback and add to that fresh feel in the space. And the clean lines in each of these designs also work with the modern theme of the home.

For continuity I’ve repeated the same use of finishes in the bathrooms as I’ve used in the kitchen, that rich timber tone in the slightly honey colour, which works perfectly with the matt gold knobs, and the nice soft grey of the benchtop. And you remember the tiles used in the kitchen splashback. Well, these are the same tiles this time laid in a different format. You might recognise this a as a herringbone pattern, but I’ve triggered up just a little bit by adding two of them together This is a double herringbone, just adding further to the design statement of this room.

A strong design feature found in our modernist theme is the use of geometry, the mixture of simple shapes. Here we’ve used it with a nice oval mirror and matched it with the simple clean round lines in the basin. You can see the geometry repeated again in the tap ware, with a nice round mixer handle, against a rectangular backplate. But to add a little more design bling here we decided on a soft pink for the basin itself. Whilst it does comes in white, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity, because the soft pink works so well with the timber tones and the gold.

A great tip for any home is repeating the use finishes throughout in different ways. Those honey tones in the timber of the kitchen cabinetry and the soft grey in the benchtop is repeated here, this time in the soft timber tones in the doors, and those grey tones in the floor tiles and the rich textural carpet. And the use of gold as a bit of bling, is also repeated in the internal doors handles.

By following the guidelines of our New Modernist theme we’ve combined rich timber tones, gold bling, a nice neutral colour palette, a great use of geometry and a nice little hint of texture, all combined to create a welcoming home, that’s perfect for the modern family.

To come and walk through this home yourself and get truly inspired you can do so right here a Waterford Living in Chisholm, in the beautiful Hunter region, or why not take the virtual tour online, at

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