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Posted on 21st February 2022

How to ensure you have a smooth build process

Building a new home? Here’s how to ensure a smooth build

Building a new home is exciting and leading builders such as Eden Brae Homes make every effort to ensure that your journey to your dream home is as smooth as possible. Even with the best laid plans, though, things can sometimes go a little off track. Our 21 years of experience has taught us that there are common roadblocks that can delay your build progress.

Here are the most frequent hurdles and our advice on how to gracefully leap over these.

Financial Institutions

Unconditional approval is the finishing line for your home loan application. You only receive it once the bank has examined your paperwork thoroughly and given you formal approval. This process may take a while, but a thorough review by your lender ensures you avoid financial pitfalls down the road.

Legal documents

Conveyance is the act of transferring a property deed from one entity, like Eden Brae Homes, to another, like you! Conveyancing has many moving parts and your conveyancer may have to delay paperwork if the information they need is delayed or incomplete. This includes confirming your financing, checking your property meets council standards and calculating fees like stamp duty.

Our tip: If you want conveyance to pass in a flash, your best bet is to ensure your documents are well-organised.

Land registration

If you have purchased a property that is still under development then chances are it is unregistered. This means the developer is putting in the services required, including any roads, curbs and gutters so it is livable. Once services have been installed, the developer then registers your land with the Land Titles Office NSW. This process can take some time and depending on how early you purchased the land, will depend on how long you will wait for registration.

Fortunately, Eden Brae’s Buildsure Guarantee in conjunction with the recent BIG SALE promotion means we will lock in your house price, promotion and site costs for up to 18 months at no extra charge. Therefore, it’s essential to get your timeframe and floor plan organised. That way, you can begin work soon after the land registers.


Delays in shipping may occur and sometimes the item you have selected for your home may be delayed or discontinued. So, when you head to Eden Brae’s Home Options Gallery or down to DiLorenzo Tiles to make your colour selections, we recommend falling in love with more than one material, just in case. It’ll make transitioning to the build phase that much smoother.

Our tip: Keep a few options up your sleeve should your first choice be unavailable for any reason.

Be assured, however, that these potential delays are nothing to fret over. Eden Brae Homes’ Buildsure Guarantee, which includes a Price Lock, is designed to make your build process as smooth as your new kitchen splashback. It’s one of the reasons we’re recognised as NSW’s Most Professional Major Builder year after year.

If you’ve got more questions about the build process with Eden Brae Homes, feel free to give one of our friendly Sales Consultants a call on 1300 645 860.

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