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Posted on 21st March 2022

How to ensure you choose the right staircase for your home

Staircases are unquestionably functional. After all, they carry you from one floor to another. Staircases are also capable of being a style statement in their own right and these days there’s a plethora of designs to choose from. However, take care: a staircase will affect the overall look and style of your home forever, so it’s important to choose the staircase that’s right for you. Here are four top considerations to help you choose wisely.


You’ve no doubt gathered together some wonderfully inspiring images of staircases you’ve fallen in love with. Perhaps you want on really wide steps? Are you keen on curves? It all makes a difference. Say your heart’s desire is a galleried landing to display art or perhaps include a small seating arrangement. Well, that type of design will take up more space than a traditional ‘straight up’ style.

Another thing to consider is if you need to make use of the space underneath the staircase for storage. If you want to hide the vacuum cleaner and your wet weather gear then creating some under-storage cabinetry is a great idea to keep items handy and reduce clutter in other areas of the home.

It’s essential that your house plans allow for the considerable space that your chosen staircase style may take up. If you’re considering a truly statement-making staircase, then ensure it’s included early on in your design thinking processes to avoid disappointment when it comes to your build.

Overall style

Is your home design classic? Modern? Hamptons? It’s imperative that your staircase chimes well with your house design and the overall theme throughout the home. For instance, a staircase featuring lots of glass will complement a modern, edgy design yet will look at odds with a more classic or traditional interior.

Remember too that for most house designs the staircase will be almost the first thing you see from the front door, so it will have a real impact on the overall impression and character of the home.


If your colour palette for the interior of your home has lots of brown and cream tones, then that will influence the choice of timber. Different types of wood meet different price points, so a colour scheme with lots of earthy tones may mean that you can opt for a more cost effective hardwood timber.

If your style is Hamptons, for example, a two-tone effect would be ideal. A timber look on the risers with a painted tread really fits with the Hamptons theme.


Know what you want to spend and match it with your style. Depending on what you want, staircases can be quite expensive, so always allow enough in your budget to ensure that you will be 100 per cent happy with your choice. A staircase needs to balance with the whole of your home, not just the hall, so it’s not a place to allow for the bare minimum spend.

Next time you’re in an Eden Brae display home, take a really good look at the staircase and see how well it fits into the overall design. If you’d like more help on choosing the staircase that’s right for you, then give Eden Brae a call on 1300 645 860.

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