The Kitchen Bench - The Most Versatile Fixture In Your New Home
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The kitchen has always been the heart of the home both physically and metaphorically. It is no surprise that during lock down there was a huge spike in people cooking, baking and generally hanging out in the kitchen. How important a role did the kitchen bench play?  Well from zoom meetings to home schooling and on -going meal preps the kitchen bench was a hero.

It is easy to understand why the island bench remains popular in modern kitchen design.  With kitchens being open plan and spilling onto living areas sometimes it is hard to distinguish where the kitchen begins and ends. The island bench can serve as that boundary. It has a very significant aesthetic as well as functional purpose.

What role do you want your kitchen bench to play? Will it be almost like another furniture piece? Perhaps another table for having breakfast or a morning coffee or maybe another desk for homework or checking emails. Think about how you want it to function and this may help you with other decisions like door handles and cabinetry. A smooth flush appearance gives you ample space to move around it but distinct shelving and door handles will certainly give it character.

Do you want the colour and texture of your island bench to blend with your whole kitchen or make a contrasting statement? Once you have your answer, you'll have a clearer idea of how you should be mix up your kitchen.

Tess Grabler from Kitchen Culture says, “A kitchen bench top is a crucial component of kitchen design. You need a bench top that has adequate space, is durable, easy to clean as well as lovely to look at. Remember this is a feature that is ALWAYS on show.”

Tess adds that at Kitchen Culture, clients are loving soft and natural looking options like Carrara, Marmo Bianco and Milano Venato by Essastone. Blending a stone or marble bench top with a timber drop down is especially striking. “This look really provides a strong presence for your kitchen bench and mixing the look of marble, stone or even concrete with the warmth of timber is a winning combination,” says Tess.

Designed and crafted in Europe, Essastone encapsulates the superior functionality of engineered stone with beautiful finishes. Essastone benchtops and Laminex cabinetry colour palettes work seamlessly together so you will have absolute peace of finding the perfect partnership.

Your kitchen bench has a versatile role to play so give it the VIP attention it deserves. For more kitchen inspiration take some time to look at our display homes or visit our blog to find articles that key in on home building and home styling tips