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Posted on 31st October 2019

Design Tips with James: Coastal Driftwood

Join James Treble – Interior Designer as he provides you with some insights to the creation of his Coastal Driftwood theme featured in our Midland 21 home on display at HomeWorld Marsden Park.

Video Transcript:

When selecting the right home for you and your family, it’s of course important that you look at the layout of the home, where the bedrooms are, where the kitchen might be, to make sure it suits your family’s needs. But what we actually fall in love with, what catches our eye when we walk through these homes, is actually the finishes, the materials that are used, the colour of the cabinetry, those beautiful tiles, and of course the styling.

I’m here at Marsden Park, inside the Midland 21, a four-bedrooms single-storey home by Eden Brae Homes, and I want to share with you my interior design journey in creating this beautiful home.

When creating a scheme for a brand new home home, I like to give it a theme, and the reason I do this is to make sure I stay on track with the look of the home, from the beginning of the selections, with the brick and the roof tile, right throughout the home, the tiles and the cabinetry, and of course the styling. The theme I created for this home is Coastal Driftwood.

The inspiration for my theme is the natural texture found in nature along coastal estuaries and of course along the beach. I wanted some finishes that were going to be texturally interesting for this single-storey home; the colour palette is soft and relaxing, very coastal in feel. Of course those beautiful tones, the bluey greys, the colours of sand, and a little bit of natural timber look is what creates that scheme. For the façade of the home, I chose cream bricks. I opted for the vertical timber look cladding, because it adds that beautiful natural element contrasting against the brick work. I chose a bluey-grey for the windows and roofing and a white front door. Together they result in a very coastal cool palette that is still very contemporary for the façade of this new home.

When you enter this home you are immediately struck by this expansive hallway that goes right down the home. I knew the flooring choice was really important, so to continue with my theme, I opted for timber look tiles, which are really high in texture and I placed them in a herringbone pattern.

There are lots of little decisions to make along the way when creating a brand-new home and one of these is your door profile. I decided on a ‘V-groove’ look. It reminds me of beach huts or timber-clad homes in a coastal environment. For the colour palette I returned to my Coastal Driftwood theme and I looked at the beautiful colours found in pebbles found along the beach. It gave me the idea for walls and the rich texture for the carpet.

A kitchen in an Australian home is not just a place to prepare a meal, it’s also a place to spend time with your family and your friends. For the profile of the cabinetry, I re-introduce the ‘V-groove’ look from the internal doors, and for the colour? A nice greyed off blue, so again that weathered finish of the coastal environment. And for the sink I decided to continue that vertical theme with a ribbed front ceramic sink in white and teamed it with a white and chrome goose-neck tap.

Of course the final layer of any home is the styling. My brief for these finishes was a continuation of high texture, soft timber tones, stone finishes and infusions of nautical blue.

I’m so happy with how this home came together, and you can come right here and check it out yourself: the Midland 21 is on display at Homeworld Marsden Park; or jump online at edenbraehomes.com.au.

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