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Posted on 1st October 2020

Design Tips with James Treble: Forsyth 33 Suburban Hamptons

The Hamptons style is a popular choice with many home builders so join James Treble interior designer as he walks you through and explains the creative thinking behind our Forsyth 33 – Personal Ensuite home design featuring a Hamptons façade and a newly created Suburban Hamptons interior theme.


Welcome to the Forsyth 33 – Personal Ensuite, a large four-bedroom, double story-design for Eden Brae Homes. Now, this home has the Hamptons façade and many people think that the Hamptons style is only suited to a coastal location, yet so many clients are building this beautiful type of home in the suburbs, so with that in mind, we decided to give this home the theme of Suburban Hamptons.

Beginning with that Hamptons façade there are certain specific finishes that are relevant for the Hamptons’ style, and that includes horizontal cladding. We’ve chosen brick for the ground floor of this house, it adds a great textural element to this home as well as a deep charcoal tone, and all of the white detailing which we’ve picked up with the windows, the white trim, and the timber posts.

The first thing that greets you is this striking staircase, it actually sets the tone for the rest of the home and the character that you expect in a Hamptons-style home. To achieve this, we’ve added lots of white timber detailing. Timber posts that have great character, timber balusters, and painted timber raisers. And one major feature that you find in many Hamptons-style homes is actually timber floors, but for our Suburban Hamptons style we’ve gone for large format and mixture of sizes in the tiles, creating a French pattern. 1200x600, 600x600, and 300x600 tiles are fitted together to create visual interest. The soft grey natural stone look of these tiles creates a very elegant, high-end-looking floor that’s also easy to maintain. The perfect combination for a busy family.

The soft greys found in the floor tiles has given the design direction for the cabinetry, and we’ve kept that colour scheme throughout the home. Here in this beautiful character laundry, it’s added lots of impact, but we’ve turned the design volume up a little bit with darker cabinetry for the tall cabinets and underneath, and white cabinets for the overheads. Here for our Suburban Hamptons style, we’ve got a fantastic ribbed-front basin, and of course texture tiles in the splashback, in an elongated subway, brick pattern. We’ve added a shepherds-hook mixer, which is the perfect addition to this laundry.

The addition of a fireplace creates a destination in this room, and it’s perfectly in keeping with the Hamptons style, and it’s a great value-adding feature for any home. We’ve also added timber paneling, which is wainscoting, throughout the whole of the ground floor, again it’s in keeping with the Hamptons style and it’s adding that vertical texture to the space, another layer of interest.

The grey and white colour scheme found on the outside of the home has been repeated here in the kitchen, this time with shaker doors in white, wrapping around the whole kitchen, which is a large space, and a mid-tone grey has been chosen for the shaker doors on the island, really allowing it to be the statement piece in this room. Marble-look stone benches with a grey vein, complement the grey and white cabinetry, and the small amount of contrast found with the black feature in the rest of the home has been repeated here as well, with a feature black tap, those striking black double ovens and the black detailing in the styling of the stool and the black overhead lighting.

The Suburban Hamptons theme continues upstairs, with the repeated use of the soft grey walls and all of that white trim. Other important features like the panelled doors and the black door handles complete the look. We’ve repeated the dark look of the timber treads with this rich timber flooring that runs throughout the whole of the first floor. Some people get worried that dark floors can make a space feel closed in, yet here, because there is so much white timber work it actually adds great contrast and makes the space feel very high-end, bright and inviting.

Of course, the icing on the cake is the styling, the addition of the furniture and the décor items to complete our Suburban Hamptons look. If you’re inspired by the look of this home, I encourage you to come and walk through it yourself; the Forsyth 33 is open right here at HomeWorld Box Hill. Or why not do the virtual tour online, at edenbraehomes.com.au.

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