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James Treble Interior Designer offers some great advice when choosing the theme to your brand-new home.  This month James’ highlights the Alpine interior theme which is featured in our Aria 28 on display at HomeWorld Leppington. 


We’re here today at Leppington HomeWorld, inside the Aria 28 a four-bedroom two-storey home by Eden Brae Homes, and I wanted to share with you the journey that I undertake with the team at Eden Brae to give you some ideas to maybe help you with your own brand-new home. The theme for this home is Alpine. Now, I wanted to get the beautiful tones, the colours that you see in that nice high altitude mountainous region, the snow-capped mountains, those greeny-greys in the rocks and the lichen and the beautiful streams, and relate that as a theme for this home.

Now, I did that of course working from the outside with the façade and it starts with the roof; for the colour I chose Basalt. To contrast this, I went for a mix of soft greys in the walls, in both render and brickwork. Texture is an important element of any home, and I added this with a beautiful stone feature blade wall. The mixture of colours picks up not only the roof, but the wall colours as well and also gives me the perfect jumping off point to continue inside the home.

The next step in selecting the finishes is the flooring, and to continue with my love of contrast I’ve opted for rich deep charcoal for the tiles. These flow right through the ground floor, but it’s not too dark and overwhelming because I’ve got contrast again with these beautiful light walls, in Winter Ice.

My Alpine theme continues into the bathrooms. I’ve used the same charcoal floor from the main floor and ran it into these rooms. For some texture I’ve added a 100x300 wall-tile in a herringbone pattern, and I’ve contrasted this again with a beautiful round mirror, breaking up all of those straight lines. For the cabinetry I’ve added an element of warmth in a beautiful walnut timber grain.

We all know how important the kitchen is to family life, but when designing a home, continuity is also important, so I’ve continued the same finishes here as well. I’ve got this beautiful rich timber grain in the cabinetry and the soft grey I’ve picked up in the glass splash-back; they sit so well together. And if you remember the snow sitting on top of those beautiful alpine mountains… well, that was the jumping off point for this beautiful matt-stone finishes bench-top.

Upstairs I’ve added further texture in the carpet. It’s a nice twist pile in a beautiful soft grey, and continuing my colour scheme, I’ve got white posts, nice timber handrail and for the grey I’ve opted for stainless-steel balusters.

As you can see the combination of finishes in this home, the grey tones, the contrast, and that all important texture in the tiles, the timber grain and the carpet, have resulted in a really contemporary home; but the styling is the final layer and my brief was also continuing the alpine theme. Look into some beautiful rich charcoals, contrasting with some nice crisp whites, a little punch of colour in a little blue and mustard, which is like the lichen that you find on rocks on the mountain region. And of course, contrasting shapes: beautiful straight lines mixed with some round organic ones.

I hope I’ve given you some inspiration here, and given you an idea on how to select the finishes for your own home; and if you like to walk through this house you can right here at HomeWorld Leppington.

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