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Posted on 13th August 2019

10 tips for a stress-free house move

There’s no avoiding the fact that, at some point, in order to enjoy your beautiful new home you’re actually going to have to move into it. Here are some practical tips to help you make the transition as smooth as possible.

  1. De-clutter. Do you need to take everything from your old home to your new one? Building a new house means you’ve got plenty of time to decide what’s going and what’s not. Use it wisely and perform a ruthless de-cluttering exercise. Once you’re done, either hold a garage sale to get some handy extra cash or become a big-time donator to your favourite charity.
  2. Removalists. If you’re using professional removalists be sure to read their contract’s fine print, particularly in relation to breakages, delays and insurance. Rope in friends and family to help you too, whether by taking smaller items or by looking after the kids and pets for a while. Make sure to have a ready supply of cold drinks on hand for everyone – moving house is thirsty work!
  3. Pack what you’ll need first into a clear plastic bin. Sheets and towels, TV remotes, phone chargers, power boards, toilet paper, tea and coffee paraphernalia, pet food, baby food, eating utensils – you get the idea. Don’t forget the paper plates for the pizza you’ll almost certainly be ordering that night.
  4. Label boxes very clearly on at least two sides.  Make it easy on yourself and your removalists by saying what’s in the boxes and what room they need to go to.
  5. Take photos. Photograph how your TV, computer, and any other essential electronics are connected so that putting them together at the new house is a breeze.
  6. Food from the fridge. Plan the menu for the week before you move to use up as much food from your fridge and freezer as possible. Make sure you’ve got heaps of chiller bags to transport what’s left over.
  7. Pack a bag of essentials. A change of underwear, toiletries, your laptop, favourite kids’ toys – whatever you need to be in easy reach, put it into a bag you’ll take with you in the car.
  8. Never waste a journey. Chances are you’ll have the key to your new home for some time before you move. Whenever you pop over, always pack the car with whatever you can. Pot plants are an ideal thing to move this way. You’ll be amazed at how much ‘pre-moving’ you can get done.
  9. Small parts packs. Use clearly marked zip-lock bags to hold small parts for anything you’ve had to take apart, such as the mounts for your TV, curtain rods, the screws for the cot and so on.
  10. Make lists. Grab a clipboard, put it somewhere central, and create a master list of all the things you need to do prior to moving day. Allocate tasks and make sure everyone knows the part they need to play. Do as much as you can online well in advance, such as booking a change of service address with energy providers, telcos, the post office and your local council.

When the big day comes, you’ll be happy that you pre-prepared so much in advance.

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