Posted on 30th November 2022

Ensuites – are they just for the Master bedroom?

There’s nothing quite like having a bathroom all to yourself. No queuing, no damp towels on the floor, but what are the pros and cons of having multiple bathrooms in your new home?

Traditional home designs normally comprise of a main, family bathroom with an ensuite off the master bedroom. This design works well for a nuclear family but the way we live is changing. Multi-generational living, weekend guests and growing teenagers are all reasons to consider extra bathrooms.

Floor plans are adapting to our shifting lifestyles and these days it’s easier to find layouts that include ensuites for other, or all bedrooms in the house making the family bathroom irrelevant. Sounds luxurious but is it worth the extra cost, maintenance and cleaning?

Before you lock into a home design, consider how you, your family and guests will function both now and into the future. Extra bathrooms are really going to allow for all round privacy. And guests having to share the children’s bathroom becomes a thing of the past.

You may think that having an ensuite for everything single bedroom maybe overkill, adding to the weekly cleaning and house maintenance. What about creating one guest bed with an ensuite? That extra bathroom will give your home flexibility for a growing family and regular visitors, without breaking the bank.

If you want to get a feel for what that looks like you can see it in both a double and single storey home. Our extremely popular Bristol 30 (Guest Suite) and our Glenburn 35 Grange shows the floor plan that includes an extra ensuite in a single storey.

Visit our website to find your nearest guest suite display home.

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