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Posted on 11th June 2020

Design Tips with James: Midland 21 Minimal Boho

The Midland definitely has the WOW factor. Specifically designed for narrow blocks and those looking to downsize but still wishing to have the space to entertain, you will not be disappointed with this 4 bedroom single storey home. The Midland is a superb example of how successfully contemporary style can be combined with high functionality. This open plan home features an immaculate kitchen design that would delight the master chef of the family and is truly the hero of this home.


I’m here in the Willowdale estate in Leppington, and this is the Midland 21 by Eden Brae Homes, a true scene stealer in every sense of the word. The theme for this home was inspired by global travels to far off cultures, a true bohemian experience, that’s uncluttered and modern. The theme for this home is Minimal Boho, and it starts with fantastic façade.

An elegantly simple colour palette, with bold and soft contrast, and it starts with that dark roof. The main wall of this home are a slightly off-white smooth face brick, providing a soft backdrop for all of the other finishes, further enhancing those window frames in a dramatic way and allowing the natural texture in the timber front door to really shine through.

Upon entering the home, the Minimal Boho theme creates a soft neutral palette that’s completely on trend, creating soft contrast and nice texture throughout the home. it starts with those floor tiles that run throughout all of the living areas providing a soft grey backdrop for the rest of the home. Entering the master bedroom the earthy brown-grey carpet creates further contrast and adds additional texture. And the mid-tone grey colour of those Corinthian doors further enhances that colour and again creates a softer contrast against the lighter walls.

The use of black as an accent is a bold feature of this home and is repeated throughout. Remember those black windows outside? Well, outside the black line is repeated in furniture frames, in pictures’ frames and in the door handles. In the ensuite you can already see a repetition of finishes. On the floor and walls is the same tile from the main living areas of the home, slightly textured, and the black detail is added in the tap-ware and the shower frame and accessories, but the real show stopper here is that feature wall. The strong bold use of a geometric design harks to that bohemian feel picking up all of those textures from far off exotic lands. It’s almost like a piece of origami, and yet its’s soft and neutral because of the colour palette.

Entering the large open-plan living, dining and kitchen you can see the repetition of finishes, that bold use of that almost black eye-liner in the picture frames and the furniture, of course picking up the lines in the windows and sliding door. But it’s this kitchen which steals the show. The repetition of the finishes from the vanities is this beautiful textural laminate finish and that black detail is again picked up in this natural timber handles. The use of texture is repeated here in the splashback tiles. These vertically placed 3D tiles add so much character to the space, and beautifully play with the amount of natural light bouncing around the room. Of course when selecting all of the accessories and items for your kitchen, you should look to the rest of the space, so in this room we picked up a black undermount sink, black tap and of course black lighting to complete the look.

Of course the final layer in any home is the styling; it’s a way to personalise the space and making it truly your own. In this home it was about continuing the Minimal Boho theme, but what does it mean? Well, it’s a great use of finishes that are found throughout the world, natural timber, and leather, which adds that earthy brown tone, also picking up on the other timber elements. The use of black you’ve heard me say this is repeated throughout the home, to unify the space. When you come to your seating, beautiful open weave fabric and lots of texture, adding further to this bohemian feel, you’ll notice there’s lots of neutral uses as finishes, but there is soft use of colour. The black line in the details of the furniture and the coffee table, again, repeat the black theme. And natural timber elements like this beautiful bowl which picks up those two lamps on the side of the sofa, add an earthy natural finish to this black, white and grey tone.

By working with our Minimal Boho theme we’ve created a home that has a soft and neutral colour scheme and pops of contrast, from outside right throughout the whole home, and that continuity creates a home that feels comfortable to walk through.

If you like to come and walk through this home yourself and be inspired by this Minimal Boho look, you can do so right here at the Willowdale Estate in Leppington, or why not do the online virtual tour of the Midland 21 at edenbraehomes.com.au.

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