The wonderful benefits of air conditioning
Jan2020 newsletter

If your list of New Year’s resolutions begins with ‘become a homeowner’, then congratulations! Buying or building a new home is a big step, it’s true, but it’s also a super exciting one. To help ensure you start off on the right foot, take a moment to consider these important points.

A REVERSE cycle split system air conditioner is a wise choice for the modern home owner. While everyone benefits from being able to control the temperature to just how they’d like it, an air conditioner also offers many other advantages that you may not have considered.

These can include:

Better sleep

There’s nothing worse than trying to sleep through a hot and humid Aussie summer or an unexpectedly icy winter. Perfectly temperature-controlled bedrooms encourage a good night’s rest for everyone, so the whole family wakes refreshed.

Work and study efficiency

It’s much harder to stay focused when you’re suffering from extremes of heat or cold. Take the stress off your body and mind by enjoying the better, more pleasant working conditions that air conditioning offers.

Less noise, improved security

Windows and doors in air-conditioned rooms typically remain closed, keeping them cool and quiet in which to relax or work. Security is also heightened when easy access to unwanted intruders to your home is limited.

Health benefits

Air conditioning helps reduce the risk of dehydration as a result of excessive sweating. And, when you can set the temperature to a constant cool, exercising at home becomes a lot more fun, too.

Fewer insects

Closed windows deter mosquitoes, fleas, flies and other irritating insects from invading your peace and quiet. A fully air-conditioned home means everyone – including your valued pets – can enjoy a home free of bugs and disease-carrying pests.

Better air quality

Air conditioners not only circulate air but filter it, too. The removal of mould and other pollutants is desirable for everyone, but particularly so for asthmatics and allergy sufferers.

Improved appliance performance

An even temperature in the home can add years to the life of your sensitive electronic appliances by ensuring they don’t suffer a melt-down when they’re not kept cool.

Protection for your furniture

Excessive heat and humidity can quickly ruin furniture. Wood expands and contracts as air gains or loses water, which can lead to unsightly warping. Damp fabric covers can also quickly become a breeding ground for destructive, unhealthy mould.

Helps keep clothes beautiful

Clothes can quickly deteriorate and look unsightly when sweat stains are an everyday occurrence. Installing air conditioning in your home will help extend the life of your clothes and keep them looking at their best for far longer.

When it comes down to it, your budget, house size and design will help determine the ideal air conditioning set up that’s exactly right for your new home. If you’d like to know more, give Eden Brae Homes a call on 1300 645 860 and we’ll be happy to assist.