Working With Us


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Working With Us

Eden Brae Homes has been pioneering innovations that give customers a better home construction experience, and staff and contractors a safer, more fulfilling work environment since 2000. 

Eden Brae has a number of experienced management, operations, projects and construction teams who work together to ensure the delivery of quality development projects.

Eden Brae's Site Managers have builder’s licences, and appropriate trades and other qualifications to be able to carry out various types of housing and medium density developments.

The suppliers that Eden Brae have used for the manufacture and supply of building materials have all had long and successful relationships with Eden Brae. The bulk of our suppliers that we use today are the same suppliers that began the Eden Brae Homes journey when the company was first established over 23 years ago.

With regards to supplier and sub-contractor resources – Eden Brae Homes maintains regular construction starts and construction milestones, which allows it to manage large fluctuations in sub-contractor demand.

Our Recent Projects

For over 23 years, Medium Density construction and small lot housing has been an integral part of our business. Eden Brae has had continued success in the home building industry since 2000 and is very proud to be recognised as a market leader and innovator. Eden Brae Homes is accredited by an independent body SAI Global - which benchmarks our standards at the highest level. Our focus is to deliver quality developments, on time and within budget.