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Posted on 9th May 2021

Tour with James Treble: the Kew 25MK2

Welcome to the Kew 25MK2, now on display at HomeWorld Marsden Park. James Treble interior designer walks you through this large single storey home and shares his insights and inspiration behind the creation of the Global Traveller interior design theme that inspired the look and feel of this delightful home.

Video transcript

When creating a display home like this one, I select a theme. It allows me to have something to refer back to during the selection process, when I’m selecting those very important items like the flooring, the cabinetry finishes, the benchtops, the tiles and of course the façade. This is the Kew 25 MK2, a four bedroom single-storey home by Eden Brae Homes, and the theme for this particular r display home was Global Traveller.

The soft natural timber tone of the flooring runs throughout the home and provides the perfect backdrop for all of the styling and the accessory pieces. I could have had a tile floor or a timber floor finish flooring here and carpet in the bedrooms, but with this nice and wide entry, having the same consistent flooring make both rooms feel much larger as they flow from one to the other.

Repeating finishes and materials throughout the home provides continuity and this adds great value to your home because it creates a nice consistent feel as you walk throughout the space. In the bathrooms I decided to repeat that bold contrast of the façade and opted for dark tiles on the floor in a rich charcoal tone. The cabinetry is in the same rich timber tones as the flooring, so again that’s repetition, picking up something that we’ve already seen. I repeated the dark contrast again with dark timber handles and dark mirror frames, but for a little bit of bling, gold was the perfect choice for the tapware.

Contrast is very important in any home and to make it work in this house with its Global Traveller style, we decided to go with dark doors. Now, some people might be scared of having dark doors, but they are so effective as you walk throughout the home. Think of it almost as eyeliner that adds great contrast to the other finishes, in that case your face.

The Global Traveller theme of course applies to the kitchen as well. I’ve repeated that timber tone from the floor, but this time in a very dark colour with timber grain in the laminate cabinetry. And also, to add a little bit of contrast I went with these beautiful matte white benchtops. For the splashback I opted for tiles. Now, the tiles are reinterpreted in so many exciting ways around the globe, and in this case I went for this very textural 3D tile. It plays beautifully with light and because it’s in gloss, it also contrasts in a very soft way with then matte benchtops.

As you’ve heard me explain, consistency is a great way to add value to your home, so, repeating the finishes from the kitchen into the walk-in pantry allows one room to flow easily into the next. It actually also makes the kitchen feel much larger. Laundries are one of those rooms that people often neglect when it comes to designing and adding beautiful finishes, but why should you do that? It’s a room that we all have to use and it can be a great experience.

The styling of your home is its final layer. It a great way for you to personalise your space and make it talk about who you are. Remember, I’ve gone in high contrast in finishes, great amount of texture, and my tribal motifs, adding subtle amounts of pattern.

As you can see, working with ta theme has created a very contemporary modern home, that beautifully flows from one space to the next. To come and walk through this home for yourself and get inspired by its Global Traveller theme, you can do so, the Kew 25 MK2 is on display right here at Homeworld Marsden Park. Or why not do the virtual tour online, at edenbraehomes.com.au

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