snug as a bug
Posted on 21st July 2021

Be snug as a bug this winter

As winter temperatures become decidedly nippy, here are five easy ways to make your home truly cosy without running up a huge power bill.

1. Throws and cushions

Without doubt, a sumptuous throw has the power to make you feel snug and toasty. Throws come in so many fabrics and an array of warm colours that it’s easy to find one that will complement your décor. And, when you’re not wrapped up in it, it can look fabulous artfully draped along the back of your sofa. The same goes for cushions. Choose from a variety of textures such as velvet and shag fabrics to add extra warmth and snuggle factor. Reds, crimsons, deep yellows and burnt orange tones can really help raise the feeling of overall warmth. Even some of the deeper blues combined with rich purple overtones can add to the richness of a beautifully warm colour palette.

2. Blankets

It’s surprising how much warmer you’ll feel with a decent blanket on top of your doona or quilt. Always keep a good quality heavyweight blanket in the bedroom for those particularly frosty nights. It’s a terrific way to get a ‘warmth boost’ when you first get into bed and easily removable when you reach your preferred comfort level.

3. Rugs

In winter, there’s nothing better than sinking your frozen toes into the comforting deep pile of a colourful rug. When considering what type of rug to buy remember that wool rugs offer optimal insulation because their fibres help to trap and keep warmth longer. And just like throws and cushions, the array of colour choices for rugs is almost unlimited. Deep red, ochre, plum and sienna tones are just some of the shades that can dial up the comfort in any room.

4. Fireplaces

Quite possibly the last word in warmth, a fireplace makes short work of any winter chills. Whether they’re fired by gas, electricity, or traditional wooden logs makes no difference – they all add to the feeling of being able to stay warm no matter how far the mercury may plunge! They can also be a real gathering point for the family and certainly add an additional layer of character to the home. And fireplaces come with an added bonus: they never go out of fashion!

5. Keeping draughts at bay

No matter how well-fitting your doors and windows, pesky drafts sometimes find their way in. Old-fashioned draught excluders now come in a wonderful range of modern looks, cheerful colours and from cheeky to impressively grand. They’re an inexpensive ‘must have’ to help keep your house warm.

Keeping your curtains drawn, particularly at night when your heating is on, is another excellent way to ensure your home remains at a comfortable temperature. If you’re not using a room – such as a guest bedroom, for example – then simply close the door to help keep warmth where it’s needed most.

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