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Why Choose a House & Land Package?
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If your list of New Year’s resolutions begins with ‘become a homeowner’, then congratulations! Buying or building a new home is a big step, it’s true, but it’s also a super exciting one. To help ensure you start off on the right foot, take a moment to consider these important points.

What is a House & Land Package?

Read any newspaper’s real estate section and you’re bound to come across advertisements extolling the virtues of a recently released ‘house and land package’ that you’d be mad to miss. But what does the term actually refer to and is it a good way to secure your dream home?

In essence, the customer has two separate contracts: one with the land developer for their block and one with the builder to construct their home. Depending on the agreement, you can generally select your own block of land from the developer and then choose which builder you’d like to work with to create your new home.

If there’s a shortage of land in a booming market then going through a reputable builder is the best way of securing a home and land package. Quality builders such as Eden Brae Homes select the best blocks and package them with the most suitable home designs for that particular estate. The good news for buyers is that the package is at a fixed price so site costs and council and developer requirements have already been taken into consideration. However, stamp duty and legal fees are not included, nor are connection fees relating to services such as water, internet, electricity and so on as customers have their preferred suppliers.

Buying a home is, for most of us, the largest outlay of funds we’ll ever make, so surety of one’s budget in making such a big financial decision is critical. To be contacted by a builder for more money mid-construction due to ‘circumstances unforeseen’ could mean that building your home suddenly becomes unaffordable. So, from that aspect alone, a house and land package is a popular choice because it gives potential new homeowners financial peace of mind.

Just because you’re buying a house and land package doesn’t mean that all the houses in the development will be ‘cookie-cutter’ images of each other or that a degree of choice won’t be involved. There will still be a range of home designs for you to choose from and often a whole raft of customisable options and add-on extras that you can take up if you wish.

But do remember that the more changes and upgrades you opt for, the higher the end cost of your new home will be. And do take the time to read the house and land package contract very carefully, so that you feel 100 per cent confident of what’s included and what’s not. Although they're certainly covered in Eden Brae's House & Land packages, driveways are not always covered in a builder's package price. Once again, you'll need to check to see what's included in the price and set money aside in your budget for those items if need be.

A house and land package is generally a much simpler process than organising the purchase of land and the construction of a house yourself because the home plan is already intended to suit the block. Add to that the time saving and a clear upfront price and you can easily see why, for many new homeowners, a house and land package is just the ticket.

To see just how comprehensive our House & Land packages really are, why not check out what we have available