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Posted on 25th January 2022

Design Tips with James Treble: Bristol 30 City Modern

Design Tips with James Treble: Bristol 30 City Modern

Video transcript

Welcome to the Bristol 30 it’s a great size four bedrooms double-storey home, but it can actually fit in a narrow block, making it perfect for smaller blocks or for those people leaving near the city. That gave me the idea for the theme for this home, which I’ve called City Modern feel. It’s about mixing those edgy finishes, perfect for the city slickers but of course ultimately mixing with the warmer tones, perfect for a family home. Contemporary interiors can sometimes feel a little bit cold and a clinical, so the way for me to stop this happening was with the floors. These beautiful reach timber times in quite a blonde American oak add great warmth to the home and the beautiful detail with the knots and character of the timber boards allowed me to pick up the back darker tones that I’ve used in the edgy finishes, like the dark window frames and the use of black finishes throughout the home. I continued the same colour of the floor on the solid timber treads, but I’ve opted for white risers to make the staircase feel a little bit lighter. And the use of black has also been continued with the beautiful flat bar handrail.

Continually referring back to a theme insures that I create a cohesive look, and that’s important for any home. Hear my Modern City look was about creating edgy finishes and fusing them with warmer tones because it is a family home. I love this staircase design and I wanted it to feel quite commercial, which is very City but of course it has to be functional for a family to live here and maintain. This flat bar is so nice to hold onto and it adds a great design element as well as the use of vertical line which is very interesting the space. But this dark element works very well because the rest of the home is light and bright. That’s soft, yet edgy backdrop allowed me to further develop the use of dark elements in the home so I decided to also paint the internal doors dark.

Introducing charcoal grey’s is perfect for my Modern City theme, so I chose this natural stone inspired tiles for the floor and feature walls in all the bathrooms and complemented it with satin white for a nice soft contrast. But I repeated the other finishes throughout the home this time picking up the nice timber tones in the Vanity and those black elements… well, you see them here in the door handles the tapware and even those beautiful tablet mirror frames.

For my modern city theme of course the kitchen choices were very important. I wanted to be inspired by the shelving that you find in a commercial environment, so I included that in the design. Here, on one end of the island, as well as on the other end of the overhead cupboards. They’re functional and of course Add that edgy city feel that I’m after. Repeating the finishes as well has allowed me to pick up the grey-black tapware and this time a black sink. And I’ve added further contrast with white shaker doors to the base of the kitchen and dark shaker doors on the top. Adding some further charcoal elements in the splashback has created a balanced look that’s very City Modern.

For this home my styling theme repeated that City Modern feel and I always look back at the finishes that I’ve used to help me with my furniture and décor brief. In this home I’ve used lots of black line. It’s subtle and yet bold and has been picked up in furniture items and décor pieces creating that edgy feel for the City slickers, but of course fabric is important to help soften the space and using grey and charcoal tones, as well as pattern, softens the space but still keep on theme.

Working with our City Modern theme has resulted in a beautifully designed home but of course the finishes that we have used here in the Bristol 30 can be used anywhere, and might be perfect for you. To come and take a walk through you can do so right here at HomeWorld Box Hill. Or why not do the virtual tour online at edenbraehomes.com.au.

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