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Oran Park Kew 1 Phoenix Facade
(as displayed at Oran Park)
Kew 27 Facade 2024  hero Burbury Facade
(as displayed at Calderwood)
HW MarsdenPark Kew Kingfisher Facade
(as displayed at HomeWorld Marsden Park)
Classic Hamptons hero Classic Hamptons Facade
Vineyard East Coast Vineyard East Coast Facade
Coburn hero 1 Coburn Facade
Kew 26 East Coast Advantage East Coast Facade
HW BoxHill Toorak Kingfisher Facade
Harvard Facade Harvard Facade
Ferndale hero 1 Ferndale Facade
Fernleigh Facade Fernleigh Facade
Somerset Anglesea Facade Somerset (Angelsea) Facade
Hawthorne hero v2 Hawthorne Facade
Urbane Facade Urbane Facade
Phoenix Facade Phoenix Facade
Fusion Facade Fusion Facade
Burbury Facade Burbury Facade
Life Lochinvar Facade Lochinvar Facade
Chisholm Glenburn Modern Hampton Facade
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On display at 3 locations

This home is on display at Oran Park Calderwood HomeWorld Marsden Park

The ample space of the Kew acts as an oasis away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Families will appreciate relaxing in the generous living spaces and deliberately separate private areas that this well-considered layout provides. It even features a home theatre where everyone can get together and enjoy a great night in. The Kew is home design at its best.

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5 floorplans to explore, customise & interact with.